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My Newfoundland Uglystick
I finished making my Newfoundland ugly stick. It was carved from small white birch tree. I drilled 1/8" holes thru the stick and put pre measured lengths of coat hanger wire thru the holes, on these stiff wires I put the bottle caps and tin tambourine jinglers. I made a loop at each end of the coat hanger wire, and on this I hung a 25mm bell. I put a set screw at each part of the stick where the coat hanger went thru to keep the wires from sliding back and forth.   There is a shaker stuffed inside the boot   for an extra bit of different sound. On the stick there is a small 8 inch   snare drum / and   connected to the top of the stick I have a 7 inch cymbal. The green part is rope wrapped tightly around the stick,   this is where you hold the stick. The cymbal and the drum can be removed if needed. I drilled a hole in the drum to almost the diameter of the stick and slid it over the top of the stick. It is held steady on the stick with big rubber washers I made from a flip flop, they fit tightly on the stick, one above and one below the drum, holding it in place but still leaving the drum with the ability to be spun around, as both sides of the drum are tuned differently.  
On the top I carved a fisherman with sou’wester (Newfoundland rain hat) on,   after the drum and rope,   I carved a twist in the stick , then I carved a fish.  
A Newfoundland Uglystick is, I guess in laymans terms , would more of what one would call a rhythm stick.   The rhythm to music is kept by bouncing the stick to make it jingle and keeping time on the drum and cymbal.   Great for Newfoundland songs as most beats go 1 1 2   / 1 1 2 /   1 1 2   Some people are pretty good at using these, Me,   not so much.